Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Effects for Wii and DS versions of Taiko games


Lets the computer play, mainly to get the song's tempo and music before playing for the real deal. The computer features a perfect full combo, but you won't get any points, represented as a mecha taiko.

Baisoku (ばいそく)

Increases the song's speed by around 50%, perfect to speed up slow songs with which you're not accustomed to (usually this happens after playing oni mode for too long), represented as a tiger.

Sanbai (さんばい)

Doubles the song's speed, becomes a bit fast, represented as a smiling tiger.

Yonbai (よんばい)

Increases the song's speed by around 150%, this presents challenge to any song, and is extremely fast. Represented as a laughing tiger.
To unlock: 30 crowns on Hard difficulty.

Doron (ドロン)

Removes the notes, leaving only katakana kuchi shoga words as cues, represented as a shuriken.
To unlock: 30 crowns on Normal difficulty.

Kanpeki (かんぺき)

Perfect challenge mode, automatically cuts the song when you miss, causing a failure, needing to get a full combo to finish, represented as a king taiko.
To unlock: 30 crowns on Oni difficulty.

Abekobe (あべこべ)

Reverse mode, changes don (red notes) to kat (blue notes), while kat changes to don, represented as a purple taiko.
To unlock: 30 crowns on Easy difficulty.

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